Graphic tablets,Barack Obama and personalities

January 21, 2009 at 8:16 pm Leave a comment

As most of the people know,yesterday was Barack Obama’s inauguration .I must say,I’m a big fan of Obama.He’s innovating,he’s charismatic and he’s a familist.He says he wants to stop the Irak war and has a plan for financial crisis.I wish him luck and the power to do what he proposed to do.

Another important thing that has happend this week was receiving as a birthday gift(that actually is on 2 February) my little,cute piece of happines a.k.a Wacom’s Bamboo One(a graphic tablet).It’s wonderful.I think I will do some brushes.

Now,about personalities.Everybody knows that each person is different in a way or another.But this day,I said to myself “I should look at the people around me  and think about their personalities.”And I actually thought.So there are persons that get easily mad,persons that make kindergarden jokes that you need to laugh at,persons…too full of love(example:Me:”Hey!”Her:”Uuuuu YoYo!”*bearhug*) and those poor persons that everybody makes fun of.And then I realised:”So that’d why I have headaches when I come home from school!”Yeah,what a shock.But,I guess everybody with some kind of life deals with this.Yeah,life’s tough.

Now,didn’t I say something about brushes?Here are some heart brushes,for whatever you would need them.Feel free to use.


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